June 30, 2007

A couple of gifs…

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ps3gbagame.gif phoenixwrightps3sales.gif


February 27, 2007

Sony: PLAYSTATION 3 is not a games console

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Sigh. They’re at it again. Not content with lying to consumers (“The PS3 will have almost perfect backwards compatibility. There will be some exceptions, but we believe those will be even less than we saw from PSOne to PS2.”), and spouting ridiculous postulations (“Playstation 3 will be in 4D”), Sony have opened their collective mouth once again and have now come up with the ultimate excuse reason why PS3 sales are poor compared to those of the Wii. Michael Ephraim, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s Managing Director, take it away:

Back to the Wii comment, we have to compare apples with apples. They do not have these kind of applications. We think PS3 is not a product to be compared with Wii, it is a completely different product. This is a digital hub, that is a games console.

Oh? When did it make the transition? Before or after the sales figures surfaced? (more…)

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