April 18, 2007

Kamehameha!!!! Shokotan plays Dragon Ball Z on Wii

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When Shoko Nakagawa isn’t cosplaying, drawing, singing about cats or stuffing their faces into her mouth, she loves playing games or watching anime. So here’s a short video of her playing a game, based on an anime…while wearing a maid outfit.

So that’s Shokotan playing Dragon Ball Z on Wii, Ayumi Hamasaki playing WarioWare on Wii, and Hikaru Utada playing Tetris on the DS. Anyone starting to see a trend here?

Nope. Me neither.



February 28, 2007

Video: Shoko Nakagawa Likes Cats

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Shoko NakagawaJapan’s multi-talented Shoko Nakagawa, otherwise known as Shokotan, loves cats. I’m not talking about a passing affection either, this is serious. Check out her video, ‘Cat Life‘…


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