July 16, 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games screens and video

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Mario and SonicHere are the first set of images from the Wii version of the gaming equivalent of the Twilight Zone. As I’ve said before, this would have been unthinkable 15 years ago…hell, it’d probably be unthinkable just 1 year ago, I mean…


and Sonic…

at the Olympics!?

I hope SEGA get this right. Click for more screens and a trailer.




Mario and Sonic - starting line

Do Eggman/Robotnik and Bowser really think they stand any chance of not coming last?



Mario and Sonic - neck and neck

Now how is this even possible? Mario is in front!



Mario and Sonic - Hammer throw

Mario and Sonic - Luigi







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  1. […] & Sonic @ da Olympics gotz an ad+ screencaps from the gamethe only time the words ‘the police’ and ‘downloading’ belong together: […]

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