June 10, 2007

Not easy being a Stormtrooper…

Filed under: INTRODUCTIONS, Movies, Star Wars, Stormtroopers — Daniel @ 8:04 pm is a blog written by an Imperial Stormtrooper (stormtrooper1138 to be precise). Be sure to stop by to catch up on his exciting and varied life serving the Empire onboard the Death Star!

Just bumped into 5251 in the Level 7 Surveillance room – he’s upset because he’s misplaced his blaster.

“Hey 5251, how’s it going? Seen anything suspicious lately?”

“..have you seen Sharla?”


“My Blaster. I can’t seem to find her anywhere..”

“No, I…wait, you named your Blaster ‘Sharla’?”

“She was the best Blaster I ever had! Without her, I would never have taken down that Krayt dragon during that Sandtrooper training exercise on Tatooine. She saved our skins that day, and even more importantly, I received a Commendation!”

“Yeh..uh..she..she was something all right…well um, look, why don’t you just take a Blaster off the rack over there and..”

“WHAT!? NO! Don’t you understand!? I can’t just replace her like that. I can’t throw away all the good times we had together – all the things we’ve been through, all the things we’ve seen. No. That just wouldn’t be right…I’ve got to get her back.”



“We are still talking about a Blaster right?”

Anyway, I promised him I’d have a look around. The rest of you should do the same…if any of you happen to spot a standard issue E-11 Blaster Rifle, similar to the one WE ALL HAVE then let me know.

Thrilling stuff.

Order 66


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