June 7, 2007

Learn the game and stop being so cheap

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Serious Business

I, along with many others in Europe over the past 2 weeks, have been playing quite a lot of Mario Strikers Charged Football – the first online title released for Wii in the west. There’s no doubting that the game is a superb introduction to online Wii play. The matches and competition are very often extremely intense and a hell of a lot of fun.

It’s such a shame then, that there are some people out there who, obviously devoid of any real talent or desire to learn the game properly, resort to using the same cheap tactics over and over again. Now I’m not saying that people should not use these moves in the game – after all, they are an integral part of the game and add to it’s variety. But when I see someone who does absolutely NOTHING but repeat these moves OVER and OVER and OVER again, without ever even attempting to shoot the ball, surely I have the right to complain? One girl I played against, selected Diddy Kong as her captain, and packed the rest of her team with Toads. Both Diddy Kong and Toad have the ability to jump over the goalkeeper if timed correctly, thus leading to an easy goal – especially when both characters are extremely quick. Predictably, she attempted to use this tactic time and time again, and once I wised up to her game, she was soundly beaten.

Sometimes it’s not so easy though. There are clearly people who have the ability to play the game ‘normally’, but just choose not to. The current ‘Striker of the Day’ at the time of writing is someone who can play, but insists on using cheap tactics like ‘Hammer spamming’ (incessantly using the Hammer Bros. deke/feint move where the character jumps in the air and throws a giant hammer into the ground, instantly stunning anyone looking to take the ball off him), and ‘give-the-ball-to-Toad-so-he-can-run-the-full-length-of-the-pitch-and-leap-over-the-goalie’.

Experienced (not to mention extremely patient) gamers will be able to counter this abuse, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Indeed, I’m pretty good at the game, but sometimes I still feel like throwing my Wii Remote, still attached to the Nunchuck, through my TV in the vain hope that it may somehow shoot out of my opponent’s TV and hit him/her/it in the head. The situation is not even in the same vein as the whole ‘snaking’ debacle in Mario Kart DS since that at least requires skill.

Another thing that annoys me (and believe me, it takes a lot to annoy me) is the quitting of matches by defeated or losing players. Not only does it show that the person is a sore loser, it also shows stunning STUPIDITY. Quitting a game automatically deducts 5 points from your total. Losing a game gains you 1 point, plus bonus points for each and every goal you manage to score. So what’s worse? Losing a game and gaining points, or quitting a game and losing 5? The mind boggles.

Finally, I’d like to say this: I don’t care whether you won the game/scored a great goal/whatever – nobody wants to see your replays. Press the A button and get on with it 🙂



  1. Agree 100%

    Comment by Ginackz — June 28, 2007 @ 11:25 am

  2. Haven’t played strikers yet but it seems that this a reality with all the online games. People who drop are the worst kind ( Ranking whores are also pretty terrible ).

    Cheap tactics well… like you said, usually when the game gets played for a longer time counter measures will be found. I like to believe that it will help to bring playing styles to the next level. Should buy this game tho.

    Comment by Cruds — July 9, 2007 @ 12:42 am

  3. I don’t know why your complaining about toad and diddy jumping the keeper, I’ve seen them fail almost all the time. Suprised you didn’t complain about the drybones teleporting move.
    The only time I understand QUITTERS is when it’s during/just after the first game, heck who wants to get murdered a second time. I don’t care much cause i dont care about points. And yes i’m a recovering Quiter.
    And I am 100% with you when it comes to the replays, the only thing i know is that their hand isn’t on the controller anymore……but down their pants.

    Comment by Random — July 15, 2007 @ 1:15 pm

  4. Sorry for my bad english first…

    I just don’t see why you’re complaining about some character’s “special” moves…

    Those are clearly an important part of the game. Yes I could agree that sometimes is really annoying to play against someone using every time the same “scheme” but as you said there’s a lot of ways to avoid that. First thing for example: training. 😉
    Eheheheh I have to agree with your feelings in losing a match in bad ways however: I “murdered” my controller for the second time last week.

    And i agree you hate the “quitters” too. A lot of people in this world aren’t capable to loose. Me too! (but i avoid disconnecting myself!)
    The Honor, first of all!


    Comment by Azmo — July 25, 2007 @ 6:57 am

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