February 28, 2007

Crazy-talk: The REAL Hero of Star Wars

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Chewbacca and LeiaRecently, I’ve been speaking to a friend of mine about the Star Wars saga. My friend could be considered a Star Wars novice, especially when it comes to the Prequel Trilogy, so having to explain certain things to her brought me back to something I’d often reflected on in the past. Just who is the hero of the Star Wars films?

Luke Skywalker, some might answer. The more Star Wars savvy out there will surely say “Anakin Skywalker, after all, he killed the Emperor and brought the Force back into balance”, presumably while pushing up their glasses and swishing their Hasbro Lightsabers in the air. “Even Lucas said so!”

Well you’re wrong. All of you. Even you, George, and you don’t even know it…

So who am I talking about? This man:


Wait, what? Lando Calrissian!?

That’s right. Billy Dee Williams himself. Now yes, I am crazy, I admit, but stick with me for a second. Let’s think about this for a second. What would have happened had Vader not intervened in Palpatine’s Force Lightning attack on Luke? Luke would have surely died and gone to the big moisture farm in the sky. On the other hand, let’s say Luke killed Vader, turned to the darkside, and became the new apprentice to Palpatine. In either of these cases, it’s safe to say that the Rebel Alliance would still be celebrating at the end of the movie due to the fact that Lando and crew would have blown them all to pieces. Lando is the hero simply because he blew up the Death Star.

Still reading? Good. Indeed, Luke only managed to escape the explosion because he knew what was coming. He believed in his friends and felt sure they would succeed in their goal:

Luke: Your confidence is your weakness.

Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours.

This also tells us that Palpatine was not concerned about the Rebel attack. There’s no reason to believe that he would have felt it necessary to flee the Death Star had he survived long enough. Even if Luke had turned to the darkside, he would not have been able to convince his new master otherwise, so assured was Palpatine. In fact, it was the Emperor himself that allowed the Death Star plans to fall into the hands of the Rebels.

But hold on a minute. Lando wouldn’t have even been able to get anywhere near the Death Star core if it wasn’t for Han Solo and friends on the moon of Endor. If Han and Leia (and the ewoks…sigh) failed to succeed in shutting down the deflector shield, then game over. As true as this is, this is no different from Han’s timely intervention during Episode IV’s Death Star trench run, allowing Luke to go on and fire his Death Star destroying Proton Torpedoes. (This actually makes an argument for Han Solo to be crowned the true Star Wars hero, and is only supported by the fact that he managed to kill the baddest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy while blind…but that’s another story/nonsensical blog post)

So hail Lando! The hero of the galaxy far, far away!



  1. Hey, good post! I wish I had to blog more often myself on things like Star Wars. I have another test to take on Monday…ugh.:D

    And yeah, Lando really is the hero because he’s the one who blew up the Death Star while Luke got whipped by Palpatine, and Vader just then decided to save him right before getting killed himself.:S

    Comment by The Bear — February 28, 2007 @ 6:00 pm

  2. Bruder! Well done. As you well know, I’ve only recently gotten into the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. What can I say? I’m a special effects, CG whore who craves all the bells and whistles. Needless to say, the original trilogy was a little ‘hard on the eyes’, especially the lightsaber effects. Sorry, bro.

    That aside, I also noticed the movies had a different ‘feel’ to them. They were very epic, and in some cases, the tension in some scenes was very palpable and I thought ‘Damn, this is intense.’

    In any event, bro, very well done. I admire your dedication, fervour and attention to detail. You’re a credit to all TRUE Star Wars fans.


    Comment by Mosi Armstrong — March 4, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

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